... Thomas Linton Eldredge - Musics This is basically an archive of my life recording, playing piano, composing, and makeing all sorts of audio nonsense. Feel free to listen to, download, and share this music to your hearts content. I'll post more as I get around to organizing it. ...

... For anyone that's interested:


The Baton Rouge High Jazz Ensemble [No recordings posted]:
This is the band that started it all for me. A friend who played in the band talked me into trying out to play piano and despite my total suckery Director Bobby Campo let me in. I had a hell of time and played piano best I could.

Mr. Pinky/Cousin Pinky:
This was my first band band, started in high school with the bass player from the Baton Rouge High Jazz Ensemble. The members were initially myself (keys, accordion, vocals) and Adam Tregre (bass, guitar). Later added Andre Marquette (drums) and Nick Jely (guitar, vocals). Played one or two gigs, a party and one at the LSU Greek Amphetheater. I recently discovered an old copy of our self-recorded demo and posted it up.

My first semester in college I was looking at speakers in a Service Merchandise with a friend. I fiddled around on a keyboard and a girl heard me and asked me to come jam with her band. She was a temp staffer at the time and so if I had come in on any other day I probably would not have met her or been asked to jam. I identify that as one of the most oddly crucial events of my life because it got me into Loverseed. The members were initially myself (keys, vocals), Rosi Norwood (vocals), Chris Long (vocals, trombone), Casey Macalister (guitar, vocals) and David Owen (drums). Soon after we aquired a bass player named Denvil Snyder who has been my best friend and bass player ever since. The band played around Baton Rouge and recorded the album at Planet Love Studio and self-recorded later work. The recordings posted here are a mix of master and reclaimed mixed tapes so you'll have to excuse the inconsistancies in volume and quality. Denvil and I started the non-profit 200 Government Art Project which initially provided practice space for Loverseed but later provided other bands practice rooms and artists workspace. During this time David Owen had to leave town and so we tried out new drummers and eventually found Dale Harris. After the 200 Government Art Project the band practiced at Denvil and I's house on 1127 Laurel Street downtown. It was dubbed 'The White House' and is the place we recorded the tracks called 'The White House Jam Sessions'. This band will always be a fond memory for me and I learned about friendship, funk, and managing a non-profit. I would forever like to thank Jad Whatshisname for getting busted smoking pot in his room during the first art show and getting us kicked out of there. I would also like to thank Mark Bradley, Davis Rhorer of The Downtown Development District, and all the assholes from The Baton Rouge Beasts for absolutely nothing.

Back Porch [No recordings posted]:
This was a cover band I played with for a short time. We played southern rock classics which I didn't like very much but we made good money. I can't even remember the names of the guys in the band except Ryan Miller, who played bass and got me to play in Movin' Weight. My most vivid memories of this band are getting shitty drunk. I also remember the drummer used a double bass pedal on nearly every song including 'Southern Cross' and 'Steal My Kisses'

Movin' Weight:
I was in this band for a pretty eventful year or so (2002-2003 somewhere in there I think) The members were myself (keys, vocals, harmonica), Rhett Lamy (drums), Joel Salvaggio (vocals), Vince Mancuso (guitar, vocals), Ryan Miller (bass), and Ben Kora (guitar). We played around Baton Rouge and New Orleans including the The Varsity, The Howlin Wolf, and The Hard Rock Cafe. We recorded the album at 'The Building Studios' with horn performances provided by 'The Krewe'.

The Black Box Groove Music Ensemble:
This instrumental rock/jazz/funk band included myself (keys, harmonica), Denvil Snyder (bass), Dale Harris (drums), Charles Estes (trombone), and Andre' Watkins (guitar). This band played around Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and even to Austin and Houston. We wrote over 40 songs and recorded almost 2 dozen including self-producded and live recordings. I created two music videos based on these recordings which are posted on YouTube and can be found in the links section. This band has a long and unique history of friendship. This band is still together in some form though I am no longer playing with them.

Other Work:
I played organ on Madstone's album (forgot what song) and played piano on 'Your Heart is Just Like Mine' on Shelby Rushings The Gold Standard album. I'm not sure if I'm on any other recordings but it's possible, I don't always pay attention to who's recording what or where I am when I'm playing piano. I also played piano and directed the choir for an LSU Theater Department production of 'Trojan Women'. I can't claim any credit for this because my job was mostly to play simple chords and stay awake during fourteen nights of one of Greece's most unbearable tragedies.

Solo Projects:
My solo projects have spanned a broad range of styles and purposes. Perhaps later I'll get into the details of each iteration of my musical multiple personality disorder but for now just know that everything in the solo section is entirely self-produced and recorded, right down to the backup vocals and accordion solos. ...